28 thoughts on “This Golf Match Was Crazy Vs Luke Peavy

  1. Absolute pleasure playing with my man Zac!!!! THE STINGER KINGGGGGGG lets gooo

  2. The sandbagger gear is legit, worth checking out my man luke if you don't know him..

  3. Love the Code Chaos USA shoes Zac! They are so comfortable and light 👍🏽

  4. It's red nosed cold where you are…. why don't you rich folks wear "fly" gear?

  5. Bud I’m not one for negativity, but I just need to come out and get it off of my chest. Those m effin sunglasses have to go 😂😂😂. For the love of god. On a more important note, love the golf!

  6. Hey Zac! Love the videos. Correct if I'm wrong, but sometimes I see you tee up the ball outside the teeing area(?) Maybe it's just the camera angle. Thanks!

  7. There should be and may be an unwritten rule in golf, you are the only person who can talk to your ball. lol

  8. Rough round guys. You missed almost every fairway and green…but that’s what golf is some days lol

  9. As a mainer I like seeing u keep rocking the sugarloaf hat, was hoping you'd play there when u got here, curious if u have mentioned the course to anyone and where it roughly ranks for the courses you've played

  10. A lot of respect for Luke. He’s been putting in the work on this platform for awhile and a few of these collabs is what he needs Imo to push him and his channel! Happy for ya bro bro! 🫡

  11. Cold days are not the days you want to be miss hitting irons. I feel your pain Luke

  12. Luke you were talking about getting to 15k. I just wanted to say something to the crowd that some people might not even think about. If you love golf and support any of these guys we should subscribe to all of them. It costs us nothing but makes a huge difference to them. For example Good Good has past 1million subscribers but each one of the GG members have less than half that. If you watch that channel each one of the guys should have the same number of subscribers. Point is if you get entertainment out of these guys just subscribe to all of them and if one golfer has another golfer on his channel go sub to him also. It keeps the golf community going strong and brings us more content. Thanks for all of the great content Zac and Luke.

  13. Seems sunny and no snow on the ground…

    Ez… come to ne.. if you have played with snow on the ground, you have played the clang cup!

  14. Aye!!!! Love that you’re repping Maine with the sugarloaf hat! Definitely one of my favorites up here, very humbling course. Love the content brother!

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