47 thoughts on “RAMP FIGURE 8 RACING!!! Spooktacular Pumpkin Smash Thrill Show 2022

  1. You should put some GoPro's on the cars next time, I would love to see it from the drivers perspective, this looks utterly insane

  2. You don't couple awesome stuff like this with some generic soulless modern music. Disliked.

  3. I bet that was a lot of fun. Wish we had those in SWFL, but all of our tracks are becoming Condos. Sad sight to see.

  4. Honorable mention needs to go to that minivan. He was full send the entire race!

  5. I think pumpkin head and the headless Horseman are not gonna be happy watching this video especially pumpkin head you better watch out!!

  6. They should make a rule that if you jump the start and win the race you lose. They shouldn't allow special needs people in the race. They can't even tell when the yellow lights are flashing to stop racing.

  7. A fellow citizen from North Berwick Maine won the final round! Good job, you crazy bastid, Dan McGill!!

  8. If only I had a local track willing to do this kind of event that can bring in that many cars and that many fans. Riverside Raceway, West Memphis AR 👀

  9. Last race the winner jumped on 2 cut half the pack. Idk the rules on these races but damn

  10. Funny thing I want to watch that show but I think I watched a different show

  11. That's pretty wild, with the pumpkins and the jump. Did some figure eight racing back in the early 70's, at Ascot Park, in Gardena California. Lotta fun.

  12. I'm 69 and would love to see Ya'll…..
    To much fun…..
    Thnxxx for Sharing and Caring.

  13. Loved it watched when I was growing up but this is a spin no wonder Linus from Charlie Brown never found the Great Pumpkin

  14. Not sure who the lunatic was that came up with the idea of putting ramps on a figure eight track. But you Sir, are a genius. I tip my Dale Earnhardt Jr. cap to you.

  15. You want to stop crime make every rush hour like this,people will be so calm they wont have time for violence.

  16. I thought for sure this video was going to be a video game and it did not disappoint!

  17. Wow this is pretty crazy haha I've done jumps in an oval before but never in a figure 8. This looks like fun

  18. In the last Figure 8 the #11 passes for the lead at 19:45!

    Thank you for putting these videos out, love to recap them

  19. What a show!! Incredible this didn´t have more coverage!! Thank you for posting it!!

  20. I’m 51 and went to Seekonk as a kid! Grew up a few miles away and we heard the racing every weekend, so awesome to see them still doing the pumpkin races.

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