25 thoughts on “How to Break 70 in Golf – How to Stop Self Sabotaging

  1. Spat my coffee onto my keyboard when he said "top of the morning to ya" :DDDD

  2. Maybe it was because all of your focus was on putting today, but your full swing looks ever so much more relaxed and smooth.

  3. Damn I needed to hear this – I had been shooting 76 / 78 a few weeks ago, but my last few rounds have been shooting 80 / 83. Now I know what the problem is, thanks.

  4. Hey player! I just recently shot a 76 and my best game was an 86 last year. My second shot needed work, I admitted to it, and really dialed in. I rarely practice because it costs me 12 dollars to play with my membership, but I really do learn from my mistakes and your course management ideas helped me with my misses and identifying how i hit each club. Love the videos!

  5. Tuesday mornings are for practice rounds before work. got lots to work on and I am working back from the green after watching the approach video on strokes shaved. Stay in the game playa

  6. Listened to this book twice today and then took some strategies to the practice green. Amazing difference! I was hoping everything. Let’s see if I can focus and stay committed to the new routine during mens league this week…

  7. Whadda Putta. Enjoyed the master sensei voice-over on this one. Congratulations playa.

  8. This is the best way to approach the game of golf. The mindset is more important than the mechanical sequence of actions.

  9. Loving your vids brother. Guessing by the accent that we share a home country! If you ever back in RSA dm me for a round

  10. Geez Matt; talk about KILLING it! I definitely stress way too hard over my putting; time to change that!

  11. I don’t see how the playa’s Cleveland putter’s not blowing up on eBay

  12. Great video, I remember reading that book as a teen and going out the next day and playing an incredible round, it really does help the mental game and is all about commitment and trust

  13. Great video! I used your advice and I scored my personal best 77! Keep up the great content, it’s amazing. 👍🏻

  14. Might be an idea to know the difference between Scotland and Ireland, Planky Boon!

  15. Tuesday mornings are for self-improvement! First real golf channel that breaks down the hard work behind a low score. Love the content, keep it coming!!!

  16. I’m really enjoying your videos. Thank you so much. I drive a fuel truck all day and listen to your videos and watch while I’m dropping. I’ve been out of golf for a couple years and have recently got back. I had my handicap down to a 5 two years ago and I did that by exactly what you’re teaching. I have watched and listed to bobs books. I played in a summer league, never hit a driver one time and ended up in the championship loosing to my buddy by 2 shots. Fairways and greens do work. !!! Most of the guys I played against in the league would ridicule me for not playing driver and couldn’t understand…. They didn’t make it to the championship. Cheers.

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