33 thoughts on “Alcaraz, Auger-Aliassime, Musetti & Rune All Feature! | Basel 2022 Highlights Day 3

  1. rafa is definitely winning australian open next year
    I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning australian open 2023

  2. I’m sure in 2 of these points in the Musetti highlight, Ramos’ balls were out. No calls by line judge or umpire. Blind as bats

  3. Bad loss for Musetti, he was really dominating that first set, then just couldn't find his form for the rest of the match

  4. Is nobody else going to talk about how Musetti hit a between the legs shot on match point down? Man's got some balls

  5. Brilliant match from Alcaraz! And I'm quite impressed by FAA holding his own and taking the victory in what seemed to be a tough match!

  6. He is "one" of the best. We can't forget or female tennis players who are also exceptional at the drop shot. 2:03

  7. There were 2 incredible rallies between Botic and Alcaraz and none of them are in the highlights …

  8. How could Alcaraz play the dropshot in every match. it's amzaing how he is relaxed to see how the opponent moves.

  9. Holger Holger Holger Let’s Go Holger!!!💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Carlos, Rune, Sinner, that's the future, and also the present. (and maybe FAA and Musetti, if they will be consistent)
    I almost don't miss the big 3 in this tourney, just excited to see all this young guns.

  11. Needs to work on serve placement and consistency. He's 6'1 and can hit in the 130s, but better to take 10 or 15mphs off and hit your spots. Roger had an OK serve and then really transformed it after a few years to be one of the best ever. Carlos will do the same. He's only 19 and world #1 with a slam. Still, that needs to be the focus, especially against the returners the game has today.

  12. Botic is on the way back on the ranking. He keeps losing so early against way lower ranked players. And if he doesn't he has bad luck and plays top 5 players in early rounds. Top 50 requires more consistency than this.

  13. What a match was from stricker against carreno busta🎾🔥
    It could've gone his way but these are the matches he needs badly to develop his game & confidence cuz he's played regularly on challengers this year🔥
    Dominic has what it takes to be the next big deal from Switzerlan hard luck & keep going 🇨🇭👏

  14. I just looked up the meaning of the word INCONSISTENT and all I could find was a picture of Alex de Minaur 😔

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