20 thoughts on “¡¿LAKERS un equipo de Play-In?! 😅 NBA Today discute sus predicciones de la Conferencia Oeste

  1. Top 8 in west is stacked but injuries could change things real quick

  2. if Lakers are healthy for an entire season alot of people are gonna sound really dumb it's on thing to say that they need to be healthy it's another thing to say a roster with lebron James and AD two guys that are already won it together needs major improvement to be better than 9th seed y'all really sleeping 😴

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  4. If you tell me that at this point AD at NO TIME can stay healthy, unfortunately it is already a mental/clinical issue that Lakers Management should get him another type of treatment because it is NOT normal that when you demand that blessed man to work , instantly a report comes out that he is injured. Unbelievable and sad at the same time.

  5. First of all… I do think that the Lakers got better significantly. It started with the front office learning from its mistakes. Last season the front office filled our roster with old players, who were not athletic nor were they good defenders. This season they elected to go with young, athletic guys who can improve the teams overall defense. Plus, we will have a healthy AD, Nunn, THT and even LeBron. A healthy AD is a force to reckon with on both sides of the ball. AD when healthy and hungry can give the Lakers 30ppg, 15RPG and 2-3 BPG. Nunn is a quick score first PG who can shoot as well as play defense. He would have been great last year. I’m

  6. Lakers if they play correctly can be a 5th seed … but gotta play defense

  7. The Lakers aren't 42-40 with their current roster. The majority of NBA teams got better.

    If they are able to pull off a blockbuster trade in what's left of the off-season, that's a different story. In lieu of that and barring injury, I think they still make the play-in, but the with a losing record.

    I'll say 39-43, best case scenario. 💁🏻‍♂️🏀

  8. They are if they bench westbrook make melo the third option and second when ad isnt doing well and lebron and ad stay healthy they area much better contender

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