38 thoughts on “Brian Windhorst revela un destino INTERESANTE de Kevin Durant 👀 | NBA hoy

  1. At this point who gives a flying fack, this turning into the kardashians. It’s a game at the end of the day, smoke 💨 about it

  2. So you are saying Ben Simmons Zion Williamson and Kyrie Irving potentially on the same team I guess that's where number one picks go when they are no longer the number one option

  3. I loved basketball growing up but these last five to 8 years been slowly not loving it no more! This new generation and the media are killing all sports. Only sport worth watching now days is MMA

  4. The most mind blowing place he could end up in todays nba is the team he has a contract with

  5. No one wants KD for more than a medium haul trade. He is a super mentally weak player and so offended by everything. He is poison

  6. One thing I like about KD demanding a trade (exclusion of my team involvement) is admittedly this is very entertaining! 🍿😂
    Knowing that teams aren't allowed trading rookie extension contracts, Nets can't rebuild, no one wants an aging KD, Nets want everything while teams dont wanna give up everything, this trade is basically gonna be a championship or complete utter disappointment, embarrassing, the dumbest jack of all trade! And I'm all for seeing the huge failure 😂

  7. Breaking News: 29 teams in the nba is saying F Kevin Durant!!!, but espn can't make money with that story.

  8. Brian should try playing a little basketball instead of covering it!!! Maybe he’ll lose some weight 🤷‍♂️

  9. Durant to Jazz could work if Jazz give up everything they got in Minnesota trade. Mitchell and KD would be pretty fun to watch. Yet, I think Jazz are gonna tank.

  10. Right now…. Nobody cares anymore, this is kinda repetitive and a whole lot of nothing.
    Speculations, Superstitions and Wild Guesses 🤡🤡🤡

  11. Imagine dropping KD into the current bucks roster moving Giannis to centre, having KD at PF, Khris at SF, Jrue and Allen as the guards there's the 3 point threats drastically improved for them and they're near enough the Warriors from when KD was there

  12. The ancient llama respectively look because celsius postmeiotically tow than a chief transaction. fancy, pricey lisa

  13. All these shows should end at the sametime as the season. So much BS being talked about because the have NOTHING to talk about.

  14. Grand theft Alvarado made the pelicans known to the media once again. the real mvp

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