29 thoughts on “Ranking de los 25 mejores jugadores de la NBA menores de 25 años

  1. I totally disagree about John Collins having hit his ceiling
    I think the amount of touches and having Trey as the primary option on the Hawks has gotten in the way of what Collins could really become, at least on offense

    Otherwise I basically feel similarly about most of these other picks

  2. This list will not age well, but I suppose that's a built-in feature of it being taken from a moment in time.

  3. The only thing I’ll disagree with is ranking Zion.. I’d give him an honorable mention because he’s barely played in the nba and he’s got too many health issues to rank him at the moment

  4. Horrible take on Barnes. He should easily be in the top 7 even as a rookie. At least bleacher report had him in their top 10 under 25 even as a rookie

  5. We let people like this make it big on YouTube😭😭 dude has Jarrett Allen higher than Scottie Barnes that speaks for itself

  6. My Top 25 Players under 25 are:

    01 Ntilikina

    02 Luka

    03 Tatum

    04 Zion

    05 Ja

    06 Trae

    07 Edwards

    08 Scottie

    09 Shai

    10 Ingram

    11 LaMelo

    12 Mobley

    13 Cade

    14 Jalen Green

    15 Garland

    16 Bam

    17 Maxey

    18 RJ

    19 JJJ

    20 Herro

    21 Haliburton

    22 Wagner

    23 Ayton

    24 MPJ

    25 Fox

    26 Robert Williams

    Honorable Mentions: Poole, Bey, Zo, Ant, Gary Trent jr

    Let me know whether I'm hating or nah

  7. Bit confused about this list some decisions seem to be based off production i.e. Allen over Barnes, but yet other times it's based off ceiling?

  8. Where in the world is Gary Trent Jr???? Allstar ceiling and he’s definitely in the Herro/Rj/Maxey range. Not even an Honorable Mention for him is criminal Matt

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